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How’s it going? I have not been up here in a while.


Werewolf, Semen and Blood


"I know your weakness is to die without an identity, show your worth in the form of a victim, mirrors are the memories following a forgotten lack of being. pray for death, the reflection so heinous, faith has failed… Nothingness beyond a state of mind, consuming who you are, desecrate your grave with who you never were. life was all in vain, I’ll give it the strength to flush it down the drain’ ~the only blood that pours is yours…"



Frost - “Kill Me Before I Do it Myself”

Probably one of the best smelling perfumes to ever exist. My mother found it before I could and we both fell in love with it :) 💜💚 #perfume #honey #honeybymarcjacobs #summer #vacation #perfection #mobileedit #nofilter #bestever #nokturvras #itsfuckingsummer


"From above, the black snow is falling around me
 Lost and mutilated in a world I can’t understand…”

~Nocturnal Depression


Varg Vikernes


Good morning.

Enjoy this picture of Per Yngve Ohlin eating pasta.

La Blonde | Peste Noire


Peste Noire, La Blonde.

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This past week..

I spent the most wonderful time with my mother for the first time in 8 years. It was so amazing. And now it’s over..and it’s soooo depressing. :/